Signs of the zodiac



She has all the best female qualities: beauty, soft character, devotion and tenderness, fullness of sexual feelings. She is very attractive to men. She never uses this feature for her selfish ends. The very understanding of the fact that she brings pleasure to her man brings happiness to her. She was made for tenderness and care. She has great respect to her man; she feels solidity and calmness in his embrace. This feeling passes on to her chosen one. She is slightly shy. Her attractiveness returns her man to her again and again. And then he remains with her forever when he becomes more experienced to understand her value. Virgo is an ideal wife with good housekeeping skills and an ideal mother.


Virgo can be characterized by his self-discipline and orderliness not only in business but also in relationship with women. Striving for clearness and simplicity of relations sometimes complicate his ties because not all aspects of this sphere can be understood logically. His amorousness hampers him. His sexual potential is rather high but his partner is more attracted by his tenderness which occurs rarely among other men. It is his tenderness and devotion that win the heart of his woman. But he can satisfy the most extravagant needs of his partner. Adultery can change his character abruptly and thirst for love can become thirst for revenge. He is slightly infantile and needs friendly favour rather than support. On condition of attentive attitude towards him he becomes a wonderful family man.

Virgo should avoid marriage and friendship with Taurus, Scorpio, Libra and Aries and should look for Leo.


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