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Undesirable methods of acquaintance with boys

Once you lived your life peacefully, walked with your friends, everything seemed nice. But suddenly you saw HIM! Farewell to calm and carefree life, farewell to studies and good marks! Love has supplanted everything and settled in your heart. All your thoughts are about him. Your first and foremost problem is how to get acquainted with him. In your dreams you find thousand ways to do it, but in reality it seems impossible to make your dreams come true. It is hard to give concrete pieces of advice because each case is unique. There are no readymade recipes how to conduct and what to do but at least it is possible to tell you about things you should avoid while getting acquainted. Remember the truth that it is better to do nothing, than to do something wrong. One inappropriate action in the beginning may spoil everything. And all attempts to improve the situation won’t bring you positive results. The first impression is always stronger than all further ones. That’s why let’s talk about those things you shouldn’t do in order not to spoil the first impression about you.

First of all you shouldn’t be impatient. The grossest errors are done in a hurry. Restraint will give you an opportunity to think everything over and gain self-confidence. It will also help you to control your emotions which will be favourable for you in your further steps.

The second precaution is that you shouldn’t try to ignore the boy you like. Maybe he is also interested in you. If he sees your indifferent look he will think that you are not interested in him. When you meet his eye smile him in response. The main thing is not to ignore him as it will be extremely difficult to improve the situation.

If you love him very much you want to talk to everyone about it. Try to suppress this wish. The more people know about your feelings the more it is likely to be reported to him. You may think that this can favour the development of your relationship, but in fact it can only spoil everything. First of all the boy can treat this information as a gossip or mockery and can change his opinion about you. Secondly boys like to choose their girlfriends themselves. Moreover, your friends can spoil your plans by their intrigues and gossips.

Mind that the most important is to begin your acquaintance properly!


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