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To be a woman doesn’t mean to be passive

Every girl and woman dreams about love. How to meet it? First of all you must get acquainted with your chosen one. It is not an easy task, taking into account that the rhythm of our modern life is so rapid, that we don’t have time for anything else, except work and shop, and it happens every day. There are a lot of men around you, but you have no opportunity to get acquainted with them because the situation is always unfavourable for that.

If you want to get acquainted with a man, visit places where there are a lot of them: gyms, football matches, etc. Even better it is to get a job where there are many representatives of the opposite sex. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you will meet your love at once, but at least you will have admirers and this fact will prepare the favourable background for finding your chosen one.

People get acquainted with each other easily in those places where they can relax, for example, restaurants, cafes, etc. You may think that these places are more suitable to find a fleeting intrigue but not to find your real love. This is an exaggeration and preconceived opinion.

Remember, that your task is not to initiate an acquaintance, but to attract attention and provoke it. If you take the lead in this matter it is unnatural and may frighten a man. Man should take the initiate or at least think that he does it.

In the process of your talk you may use simple psychological methods: smile to your interlocutor and be benevolent. If he tells you something show interest in his story. Follow his facial expression. If you notice that his face is becoming sombre, change the topic of your conversation.

Your first talk determines your further relationship. Maybe this talk will be your last one. Don’t feel sorry as it is better not to start relationship at all, than to go through a break-up. If you like each other, you will exchange your telephone numbers, but again it should be his initiative. If you ask his telephone number first, it means that you should also call him first. If he doesn’t ask your telephone number when you say good-bye to each other, leave him on his own and wait for another chance.

Live full-fledged life, visit different places, go on a voyage. Be happy and find your love!


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