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The art of acquaintance

What is art? Art comprises skill, mastery, craftsmanship, etc. It requires both talent and experience. Talent is usually given from birth and experience must be acquired. Talent can’t be passed on to another person, experience can be shared partially. Experience includes knowledge and skill. Only knowledge can be shared, but as for skill, it must be acquired by oneself under the direction of another person.

Now let’s transform our philosophical speculations to acquaintanceship. To get acquainted with an absolutely unknown person quickly and successfully is a task, that can’t be fulfilled by everyone. Here you must also have a gift for it and rich life experience. To get this experience you must go through a great number of acquaintances, learn to talk interestingly, sensibly and subtly, constantly communicate with representatives of the opposite sex in order to get to know feminine/masculine nature, etc.

If you don’t have such skills, don’t count on quick and easy ability to master all subtleties of this art. It should be your personal experience. Other people’s pieces of advice won’t be helpful to you, if you are totally ignorant in this sphere.

Let’s analyse an example. You want to get acquainted with a girl but don’t know how to do it, what to say, how to behave, etc. You find a site with different tips for various situations, including different places, circumstances, etc. You may choose one or two of them, learn them by heart and go a-hunting. But can we say that the main difficulty in the process of acquaintance is in the very beginning? It is a delusion. It is nothing in comparison with the ability to drive a conversation. Well, you may use one of numerous tips to start a conversation. Imagine that the chosen tip has worked and you have managed to attract girl’s attention. What will you do further? That’s what it is! You are likely to fail the next step of communication, feel embarrassed and make off. If you don’t know what to say not only in the beginning but throughout the whole talk, no tips can help you. Besides, there are no tips to help you to keep up the conversation. This skill should be acquired independently. That is why, don’t read any tips, don’t use readymade recipes and don’t resort to complex phrases if your intellectual level is not ready for such a hard load. The only tip is to be yourself. If it means nothing for you, start from the very beginning, gain new experience and learn to talk to people. No one will do this work for you.


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