Signs of the zodiac


In youth they dream of love. When it happens, they need time to wake up, to open to reality and another person until their personality becomes an object of love.

Passion appears not at once but grows slowly and unwittingly and when it flourishes this sign becomes the most sensual.

For Taurus feelings and wishes are the same. Taurus in love can’t be stopped by criticism, inconvenience, discomfort, though in other aspects of life Taurus is more practical.

Taurus’s sensuality is higher than sexual act, it can be seen in everything with respect to the beloved person: in clothes, appearance, voice etc.

Taurus needs oaths of eternal devotion, and this is the characteristic feature for both young and at a mature age, men and women. They want to possess their beloved person and to belong to it simultaneously.

Female representatives of this sign can often turn into old maids. Male representatives are in general more affectionate and devoted lovers though they are acquisitive.


She is charming and extravagant, naughty and sensual. She surrounds herself with beautiful things and handsome men. Men understand the complexity of her character but try to get closer to her, as she is a perfect partner who can give a refined sensual enjoyment. But this pleasure is temporary. She will eventually appear in the embrace of another man. She is attractive to men but at the same time wasteful. Her family life is disorderly and unstable.


Women attempt to marry him. They are won by his self-confidence and dignity. He is not a refined lover, but his passion is strong and women appreciate it. He is jealous, but considers it to be his weak point. Choosing his match he doesn’t follow any pieces of advice and relies on his experience only. He is in good form to a venerable age. His marriage is long and fortunate, though he makes no effort for it.

Taurus should avoid marriage and friendship with Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio, and Aries and should look for Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer and Pisces.