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Special features of feminine character

In modern society there have been established comparatively unified standards concerning feminine and masculine behavioural stereotypes. Let’s name special features of feminine character:

1. Behavioural flexibility; Spontaneous actions; Great dependence on her current state; Frequent change of condition;

2. Dependence of actions from her feelings and wishes; Subjectivity of judgments; High emotional rate; Empathy;

3. Presence of unpredictability and mysteriousness in behaviour; Having a very keen insight; Uncertainty and defencelessness under unfavourable conditions – inclination to fantasies, dreams and illusions.

4. Modesty and shyness; Orientation on inner personal motives; Compliance; Narrow circle of interests and contacts.

The typical feminine character comprises such qualities as ethics – ability to feel and manoeuvre in relationships; introversion – modesty and caution of actions, orientation on her inner world and circle of friends rather than on society in general; intuition – dreaminess, spirituality; irrationality – flexibility, unpredictability of behaviour, quick perception.

Of course, it is favourable for family relationships when a husband is an extrovert, and his wife is in introvert accordingly. It is well-known that conjugal ties firmness isn’t directly connected with romance and tumultuous emotions. Statistics show that marriages based on feelings and emotions break up more often. Sensible pragmatic approach is sometimes more reliable base for the modern family.


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