Signs of the zodiac



She can be described as a femme fatale, enigmatic and lively. Her passion is boundless. All her deeds are submitted to one goal – to get sexual enjoyment. She is energetic, clever and beautiful. Men go mad after meeting with her. She usually obtains sexual experience in her early age. Those man who dream about passionate woman find an embodied ideal in her. She controls herself perfectly but it doesn’t refer to sex. Her partners become more confident in their sexual sphere and it makes her even more attractive. She is dangerous for men because having reached the top of intimacy they become slaves of their feelings. Because of this kind of women men destroy their careers, families, etc. But she can become a good assistant to her husband and tries her best for him to be a success.


This man is energetic, active and lively. He is a great player and a great actor. Being a superb sexual partner he never allows himself to relax and submit to female charm. The most important value of his life is his personal freedom. Sex is a kind of sport for him where he can apply his wit and talent. He is not attracted by approachability; the greatest pleasure for him is to win a woman equal to him intellectually, free and independent like him. He is interested not in the very fact of victory but in the very process of the game. He treats conquered women with nobility according to his own code of honour. As a reward these women get his temperament and reach sexual experience. Many women think that to lose here means to win. It is hard to imagine him playing a role of husband. Very often they remain single.

Scorpio doesn’t go with Aquarius, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius and goes with Cancer, Pisces, Virgo and Capricorn.


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