Signs of the zodiac



She is a perfect partner for those men who like clever, lovely and amorous women. She is sexually attractive and inexhaustible. She can value life in all its manifestations – whether it goes about work, art sport or family. Sex means for her the possibility to feel the fullness of life and she tries to get the most of pleasure from it. She is noisy, lovely, full of fantasies and these feelings are inherent in her intimacy. She likes to choose partners equal to her because only full satisfaction of her wants can bring her happiness. She is aware of her worth and her attitude to adultery is calm. Her family life is a serious matter for her, but she is not always able to make it harmonious, because of her thrust for new impressions.


He is lively, kind-hearted, enamoured of nature. His sole reaches for heroic deeds and charming women. Travelling through life he meets different women and doesn’t take care of results. He is not ready for strong affection but demands it from his woman. He is a romanticist and a tramp by nature. His passion for change of places and circumstances determines his way of life. A woman will never become his guiding light but it doesn’t tell about his indifference. On the contrary woman and sex bring much pleasure. Women also like him. But after giving everything to his partner he leaves. It is impossible to hold on to him because he isn’t a natural for long relationships. Experiencing intimacy he believes in love sincerely but later only reminiscences remain. He is not afraid of unsuccessful flirting. He treats it philosophically.

Sagittarius doesn’t go with Aries and cancer and goes with Leo, Aries, Libra and Aquarius.


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