Signs of the zodiac



Her world is a world of actors, artists, literary men and bohemia. She lives in her own world of dreams and hopes. Her erotic sphere is realised in adoration, play buy not in the real intimacy. And though she tries to turn her partner into a prince in her imagination, her low temperament doesn’t bring her full satisfaction from intimacy. She lives waiting for miracle, hoping to meet a man who would shower her with roses. As a rule men don’t return to her because they don’t like romantic tears during intimacy. Misunderstanding of the fact that one should not only accept but also to give leads her to melancholy. She is kind by nature and many boys get first sexual experience in her embrace. In marriage she is sometimes unfaithful and it can be explained neither by her husband, nor by herself.


He is endowed with great sensuality. His reach inner world is full of emotions and contrasts and erotic motives occupy an important role in it. His sensuality excites women and brings great pleasure to them. But all attempts to penetrate into his sole are softly but confidently rejected by him. When these attempts become intensive he leaves secretly thus explaining to a woman that he is a cat who walks alone. He understands fully the truth that a woman loves by her ears and can drive mad by his speeches. Even his best friends know nothing about his intimate relations. It is enough for him to experience his victories alone. He is a collector in his sole who can value his gains. He marries consciously though he doesn’t need either wife or children. His marital life is stable but his wife will always lack his sincerity.

Pisces doesn’t go with Aries and Leo and goes with Scorpio, Cancer, Capricorn and Taurus.


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