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Online dating is a direct way to real love

Online dating exists not so long but it has gained popularity among all categories of people. At first it was thought that internet dating would be popular only among young people, but later it turned out that middle-aged people resort to this way of getting acquainted even more enthusiastically than youngsters. It is so very understandable because older people can’t find new friends as easily as teenagers do.

In general teenagers are more relaxed, communicate easily with their friends, find new ones both in the internet and off-line. They consider on-line dating as an additional way of communication and use it mostly for fun. On the other hand if we consider the age composition of chat rooms’ users, we will see that the majority of their visitors are young people. The older people’s share is much less than that of teenagers. Does it contradict the fact that youngsters don’t treat on-line dating seriously and consider it to be a mere addition to other ways of finding new friends? By no means! It means that young people in general are more progressive and easily absorb everything new and advanced. As for older people, not all of them have already fully appreciated on-line dating. They need it very much but don’t still understand it.

Why is the internet dating so important for middle-aged people? When people grow older, communication and finding new friends and acquaintances becomes increasingly complex for them. They have already fully formed their psyche, habits, features of character, preferences and tastes. It is often extremely difficult for them to adapt to new people, to adjust to their habits and tastes and so on. Besides these people have already got rich life experience, which is more likely to stop them from doing some risky deeds, than to stimulate them to action. Communicating by means of the internet a person can feel more relaxed. It is very easy to talk to an unknown person. You can tell him/her all your thoughts, experiences and feelings. Older people can easily find the suitable match for them with similar interests and views, occupations and hobbies. Thus it will be easier to go hand in hand with each other.

When you get acquainted in the internet, you start from the main thing: you get to know a person’s inner self and determine at first your psychological compatibility with each other. Then you exchange your telephone numbers and at last meet. This is a very proper and natural scheme. With its help you reduce all possible risks. When you get acquainted with a person elsewhere, you can judge about him/her only relying on your first impression, appearance and style. Inner world and character, which is a guarantee of long and peaceful coexistence in case of your compatibility with this person, remains unknown. To choose a life companion according to value judgements is a risky adventure and can lead to a sudden and painful break-up. It is known that break-ups are more difficult to go through for middle-aged and older people.

So, internet dating, once meant for youngters and popularised among them turns out to be very necessary for middle-aged people. For some of them it is the only way to find new friends and a life companion by virtue of their age peculiarities. For others it is the only virtual bridge to the real world.

Different people live in the world. Some of them are too reserved and constrained. They shouldn’t be blamed for their indecision. They want just as other people to be happy and they need help. Internet dating and chat rooms is a salvation for them.


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