Signs of the zodiac



Her erotic yearnings are placed in subconsciousness. Sometimes she discovers herself in a new bed and can’t understand how it happened. She is energetic, but sex isn’t a goal for her, though it plays an important role in her life. A powerful man can subordinate her and she will follow all his wishes without complaint. With a weak partner she becomes the leader herself. But in any case a man doesn’t get the feeling of the intimacy fullness, because he gets only physical satisfaction. When she feels that she is loved she looks different – becomes lovely, attractive, though one can’t regard her as a romantic person. In marriage her sexual behaviour becomes more conscious and concerned.


The ambiguity of nature is inherent in him. On the one hand he has wonderful character, elegance, grace, striving for stability, on the other – he has a poignant hidden indomitable attraction to women, permanent thirst for sex. Sometimes relationships become harmonious when he restrains his temperament. When the need to satisfy sexual wants prevails over everything it can lead him to nervous breakdowns. Sex affair relieves his sufferings and if it were possible he would leave family and work and plunged into sex. To make the things still worth, his partners don’t get attention they need, because he strives for satisfying his own desire only. He can attain a relative calm in family life on condition that his wife will have similar temperament.


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