Signs of the zodiac



Her temperament doesn’t resemble that of a lion, though she is rather attractive and can besot any man. Her feelings, however, always remain calm and she remains sober-minded in all circumstances. Even while having sex her man feels her impassive attitude. Partially it can be explained by her physical coldness and weak interest to sex. She is practical and treats each partner as a potential husband. She was born to be a good wife and mother. The very fact that she stands for her family interests reminds the leonine nature. But her indifferent attitude to sex makes a lot of problems for her husband. Very often he though loves her finds another woman who can give him all range of erotic feelings. She is jealous by nature but she should blame herself only. If she meets a man with week sexual level their marriage can be quite successful.


As a line he has weaknesses for many things. People around him don’t suspect that this self-confident and good-natured image hides rather an irresolute man. He constantly thinks, that he can be laughed at by his partner or other people.

He is waiting for a frustration permanently and thus his state can be described as constantly taut nerves. If a woman will learn how to see through him, he can become a toy in her hands. In order to prove his value to himself and other people he organizes various love adventures and has intimacies with different women. Only a tactful and clever woman can disclose his real power if she will persuade him that she is stronger than any man. Such a woman can become his wife and she will get a wonderful man and tender father her children.

Leo should avoid marriage and friendship with Taurus and Aquarius and should look for Gemini, Libra and Sagittarius.


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