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How to overcome shyness?

Do passers-by often ask you questions? If it happens seldom, it means that you have a dull, evil, arrogant or unsociable look. If you keep aloof from people they will keep aloof from you.

Do you notice people’s faces in public transport? If not then you are too absorbed. It is bad even from the viewpoint of pragmatics: you won’t be able to understand feelings and intentions of your interlocutor.

Can you listen what other people say? It means can you listen to him/her thinking about him/her and not about you? If you can’t then it means that quarrels and misunderstanding often happen in your life. Here are some pieces of advice which might help you to overcome shyness:

1. Communicate more. Keep up the conversation if you are spoken to. Don’t break off the conversation. Try to find something interesting, pleasant in this conversation in order to talk with pleasure. Moreover, don’t simply keep up the talk but initiate it yourself.

2. Play the role of chatterbox. Your barrier is that you want to talk sensibly. Reject it, step it over, allow yourself to bla-bla.

3. Cultivate childish, lively and playing origin in yourself. Everyone was a child. Just remember it.

4. Learn to be spontaneous.

5. Make it a habit to help people. A person who is always ready to help others and easily asks for help doesn’t have many problems with contacts.

6. Watch over your face. Your face should reflect calm benevolence and willingness to smile.

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