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How to get acquainted in the street?

The wish of getting acquainted is inherent in each person but there is fear in every person as well. Girls are afraid of getting acquainted in the street or think that this is indecent and boys are afraid of rejection.

If a boy comes to a girl and greets her and asks to get acquainted with her, what will be her answer? Even if the boy is pleasant-looking, doesn’t resemble a bandit, his eyes are kind he has more chances to be rejected. Why does it happen?

Some girls are afraid of getting acquainted because they no nothing about the boy. The street doesn’t give any recommendations. It is true. But acquaintance in the street does not commit you to anything, relationships develop gradually and if something is not ok you can break up this relationship. Suppose he is a good guy.

The fear of getting acquainted in the street implies nothing but fear. Dear girls, if you want boys to get acquainted with you wittily then don’t arrange them an exam. Take it easy. A boy who can’t get acquainted in a refined way may turn to be a wonderful person. So when a boy comes to you and tries to formulate something give him a smile and help him. By the way it is more difficult for a girl to initiate a talk but easier to do it. If a girl takes the initiative it is difficult for a boy to refuse. But if you really don’t like a boy and decided to turn him down do it properly. The intellectual a girl is the more tactful will be her refuse. It is in your interests because rude rejection provokes reciprocal answer. Turning him down thank him for he has noticed you with the help of your eyes. If he will read it in your smile you will part friends and both in high spirits.

What should boys do to overcome fear? There is only one thing to do: try and make an attempt. Suppose you were rejected. How should you treat it? With calm. When it won’t be your first attempt but, say, twentieth, you will take it easy. If the refuse was rude don’t be rude in answer. It is good that she has revealed her ill breeding at once, isn’t it?

Make the acquaintance easy, calmly and without embarrassment. It is easier for those who don’t make a special purpose from it, just because communication is pleasant for him/her. Your task is get pleasure from the dialog.

You should learn to talk with different people without an intention to get the result with boys, girls, young and old.


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