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How to get acquainted in the internet?

The first question is what for?

Why should one get acquainted in the internet if you can come to a girl, start a conversation and make friends? There are some advantages.

1. Internet is the best way to entice an unapproachable girl.

2. While getting acquainted you needn’t be shaved, have a good haircut, sober, etc. the main thing is to talk a good game.

3. You can also get acquainted with a reserved girl with whom it is difficult to get acquainted in real life.

There are some principles of dating in the internet.

1. Be unique! Girls tend to think that all men are the same. In order to impress a girl favourably you should be extravagant, original, clever, lively and attentive.

2. Write without mistakes. If you will write incorrectly it will impress her unfavourably. If it won’t then you make a pair.

3. Treat your interlocutor with respect. Don’t communicate in a familiar way, as you don’t know the person well, don’t know her mood, etc. Your phrases should contain humour, fine words, etc.

You should talk about abstract things and problems. From time to time you can ask questions interesting to you in order to make your talk more interesting, for example concerning hobbies, horoscope, different sites, etc.

At parting you can ask her how you can find her. It is her choice whether she will give you her e-mail, phone number, etc.

The main thing in the internet is patience.

4. You should choose a nice topic for your letter, it shouldn’t be hollow.

5. Don’t be laconic. You should write at least 15 sentences or more, but not too much, otherwise she will be frightened.

6. Your letter should be original. Mark her special features in the questionnaire and mention them in your letter.

In order to master the technique of dating in the internet you must love women, know their problems, respect their thoughts and tell them what they want to hear.


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