Signs of the zodiac



Her characteristic feature is ambiguity. On the one hand she is clever, acute, good-tempered, can work with people and thus she can reach good results in her work. But these very qualities prevent her from finding her intimate man. She is the best friend for many people but it is hard for her to look for her equal partner for whom she is ready to give her sensuality and affection. Men equal to her happen rare and she has little chance of success. In her occasional affairs she finds temporary satisfaction. Men usually don’t break up with this kind of women; they simply leave quietly with deep respect for them. But if such a woman finds her chosen one their ties become an example of marital bliss.


The majority of men of this zodiacal sign are talented and gifted persons. They have sensual perception of the world around them. They admire woman’s beauty and the beauty of intimacy. But all these talents and gifts of nature are not a token of good sexual relations. Romantic perception of the world prevents him from adequate evaluation of a woman. It leads to disappointment because he loves not his woman but himself in this love therewith he is not very talented in sex. Romantic images feed his creativity and not his sexual relations. He needs constant care and almost always he is lucky to find a woman who will sacrifice herself for his talent. But even such a woman understands that it is impossible to create a normal family with him and plays her role as a muse-custodian.

Taurus should avoid marriage and friendship with Gemini, Aquarius, Leo, and Libra and should look for Pisces, Virgo and Sagittarius.


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