Signs of the zodiac



She is tormented by antagonism between her desires and the possibility of their realisation. Being erotic and amorous at the same time she follows the rules of decency strictly. Thus her passion can’t find the way out which can lead to various hang-ups. Men crave for her, felling her as a desirable partner but remain bewildered running across the virtuous image created by her. The accumulated attraction destroys all barriers and she dives into the terms of intimacy, and surprises his partner by her temperament and refinement. In marital relationship her husband is the main sufferer. Being remorseful of her actions she becomes virtuous as before but her temperament tries to find the way out again. In their advanced age such ladies turn into unsociable and peevish old women.


It is peculiar for Capricorn to determine his goals clearly. He is a realist and always finds the way to his aspirations. He is almost always successful in the relationships with women. But this doesn’t characterize him as a collector. The object of his passion is the object of his worship. He remains devoted to it for a long time; he is able to feel the erotic experience of a woman. His sex affair is always painted with sensitivity and women appreciate it highly. Capricorn is reserved and hides his erotic mysteries. But he is able to disclose himself and to show all his passionate temperament. Attempts to incline him to marriage often lead to a zero result. He values his independence and he creates family only when he has made up his mind himself. In marriage he becomes a wonderful father, and his attraction to his wife grows more and more.

Capricorn doesn’t go with Aquarius and Leo and goes with Virgo, Taurus, Scorpio and Pisces.


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