Signs of the zodiac



She has an extremely erotic nature and strives impetuously to the sensual enjoyment. She conducts with men, however, coldly and haughty. She thinks that her desires mean weakness, which is seen by men and she doesn’t like to confess to a man of her weak points. She applies much effort to look strong and independent. She is high-strung and tries to hide it and thus looks sometimes rude. After the sex affair she tries not to come across her partner and if it is impossible she becomes naughty and irritable. But if she finds a tolerant man who can be concerned about full satisfaction of her wishes, she gets satisfaction from intimacy. It is worth mentioning that there are few men who can make such a sacrifice.


There are a lot of offended women left by him. But this doesn’t provoke a sense of compassion in him. He is notable for egoism, snobbism and self-confidence. Experienced women avoid him. He is on the contrary very successful among young girls but leaves them when they become boring to him. Though he is erotic, he cares only about his own satisfaction, behaves abusively and cynically. Only women with a certain bit of masochism get real satisfaction from such ties. All his sexual life is submitted to his physical health. He treats marriage as an attempt on his freedom. He is not a natural for marriage because he tries to depress others. His wife is an unhappy and oppressed creature. But there are some exceptions when he meets a powerful and rigid woman.


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