Signs of the zodiac


The Ram is ready for love and sex at an early age, earlier than society allows, thus the Rams often come across conflicts in their families when they are young.

Sometimes they have a lot of trouble. A boy/man will break any rules in order to carry out his wishes.

A girl/woman can easily become a bully unconsciously.

These people tend to fall in love at first sight at any age. When they fall in love nobody can resist their temptation. They are often fond of “forbidden fruit”; they tend to get it at any cost. In return they are ready to give themselves.

They are generous, but sometimes are self-seeking. When their temptation is rejected they become possessed. On the other hand they reconcile rapidly and calm down.

The ram is impulsive, impetuous, and sometimes naive.

These people are affectionate lovers, whose caprices must be realized as if they are little kids. Like kids they like boasting and getting an ovation.

There is something ostentatious in men and women also like to demonstrate their advantages. They can be strongly devoted but temporarily, till the relationships are indefinite.

The primitive masculine type has some features which resemble cavemen. He attempts to override his woman and realize his sexual needs but then he leaves her when everything is behind. More developed type wants to be a hero for his woman, dreams of heroic deeds for her.

Aries strives for will, ideal, ambitions.

The primitive feminine type must be satisfied immediately. She can’t control her desires. If a man doesn’t satisfy her, she lives him. More developed type is a type of absolute love and devotion.

The Ram’s marriage is under the threat of divorce more than among other signs of the zodiac and needs patience in order to preserve relationships.


She has rather firm principles, she is even stubborn to some extent, and it influences her erotic inclinations. She tries to choose her man alone, can select the right line of behaviour among people, creating an image of an attractive woman. In her intimate life she is egoistic, but not because of her bad character but for the reason that she treats her partner as an ideal man. Her sensual sphere is a little bit pedantic, because she conducts according to her stable views about sex. She doesn’t like to obey even in bed, though she needs a strong and powerful partner. She can face a lot of love problems and it can lead to tragedy.


His strong, powerful, sometimes unusual character is revealed in different types of relationship with people. It also refers to the relationships with women. In order to reach his goals he can do a lot of things, he can become insidious and dishonest. The very sex affair is not so interesting for him because he spends much effort to reach it. His sensual sphere is rigid and unrestrained. He likes when a woman admires him, he always needs ovations. Sometimes he becomes suspicious and in such a case intimacy becomes a torture for a woman. He will choose a woman for marriage who will submit to him.

Aries should avoid marriage and friendship with Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces and should look for Libra, Sagittarius and Leo.


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