Signs of the zodiac



Her house is always full of guests who are attracted by her charm and commutability. But it doesn’t matter that she also likes diversity in sexual relations. Keeping her house well, she transforms her love of order to her bedroom. Being tempted by her a man strives for new experience. But after having sex with her he can remember only the flickering of candles and newly whitewashed bed sheets. Tumultuous intimacy is unfamiliar to her and she doesn’t need it because she for her pleasure means lively company and interesting talk. Though likes to be attractive to the other men, her husband should remain calm, she will be devoted to him. She is a perfect partner for a man with weak temperament, who looks for calm and attention but not sex.


He is not a present for an energetic woman. His sexual sphere is low. His erotic claims are minimal and he makes with rare ties where he appreciates not the very sex affair but the fact of beautiful woman possession. Ht is totally indifferent to her temperament and experience. In many aspects his sexual behaviour is determined by talks with friends and books. During the act he submits himself to his woman willingly because he is not ready for another role. In marriage he doesn’t commit adultery because his head is full of work and family matters. In spite of this one can’t regard his wife a happy woman because he doesn’t bring sensual pleasure to her. But he is good with women of weak temperament because he is interesting and practical in other aspects of life.

Aquarius doesn’t go with Scorpio, Taurus, Leo and Capricorn and goes with Libra, Gemini, Sagittarius and Aries.


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